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Rio's new high density head - saltwater sinking lines

Thanks to Bill Senegal (Rio rep) I've been fishing the new Rio sink head / intermediate line combo. My first impression was that the running line was a bit thicker than the others of this style (Teeny, Cortland QA, etc). As I fished it more and more I grew to like it a lot more because it gives you some 'meat' to hang on to as you work the line. Most SWFF applications involve stripping the line for fly action and the more substantial running line is easier to grip.

The albright delaminated the coating over the mono core the first try, but a second try took well and the junction survived a few hard running Monomoy stripers who took lots of backing in the rip current.

My hope is that this line prevents the coating failures that the Cortland QD has been annoying us with lately.

Although it did wonders for my ego, I think the demo line I got is a little short - I was casting into the backing with ease. I'll look into the specs and report on the factory length of the line as it's intended to be sold.

For those of you who are Rio intermediate striper line fans, (count me IN) the running line for this new configuration seems to be the same design.

More to come...
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