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Hi Paul,

Cameron is not returning my phone calls since she hooked up with Justin Timberlake, who--after his stunt at the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson two weekends ago--may be on the way out. If only she knew that unshaven men in baggy waders with double-handed rods and pick-up trucks are far sexier than pop stars and the rest of the glitterati. I'll ring again soon.

Never been to Scandinavia: it's #1 on my list...probably Gaula in early June some year...I want to get spooled. Fished four rivers on the north shore of the Kola...absolutely awesome except for white-knuckle chopper rides. I'd like to go to Alta just to take photos; the fishing is out of my $-range, unless Cameron comes through!

P.S. With the acquisition of Schilling, Foulke, and Co. to the Red Sox roster, I will be placing no bets on my rod collection in 2004.
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