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Herring Runs

Around my little part of the world we see some tremendous runs of Herring. Sometimes we get lucky during years of high water and they come into a small river by my house. It sure is exciting to watch them leap the little dams as the stipers chase them around.

What I have witnessed in the years of fishing this location is that when a certain purple flower blooms ( idont know the name of it but it grows on a vine ) the action usually is beyond incredible. The funny thing is that all this action occurs only around 6-9pm on an ebb tide. Before or after that time it seems as if the river is void of life.

I recall a few years back I was fishing from shore accross from a "regular" that was in a canoe on an island across from me. We exchanged waives and fished about 2 hours with nary a sniff. At 6:30pm we both were looking down river, I guess as if we were deciding to move. At that point the water 50yrds from us erupted in leaping Herring and Large Stripers Porposing out of the water after them. We sat in awe as they got closer and closer until the frenzy arrived at our feet. It was almost scary being surrounded by what seemed to be about a thousand or more herring and an untold number of 15-20lb stripers. Sometimes the water would errupt right next to me and I would get soaked. Being waist deep you could actually feel the fish rubbing and bumping into me.

It hasnt happened like that since that day but I will never forget it, its burned into my memory forever.
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