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Thanks for the Photos! I sat at the bench last night and came up with a DOOZY! Will post Pic in a day or so.


Hook: Mustad 2X Long 3/0
Tail: 6 White Saddles
Tail Flash: Mike Martineks Flash ( Kinda like Mega Mush but 10X's Finer) in White Pearl ( can use Angel Hair as sub)


Step#1 White Pearl flash ( same as tail ) tear 3 -7 times and clump together to get desired thickness. Tie in Hollow Style.

Step 2: Tie in Spreader ( 1/2 inch EZ Body )

Step 3: Beging the head by using equal portions of Sea Foam Green and Dusty Blue Martinek Flash, can use Angel Hair as sub. tear 3-7 times for desired bulk, add in very sparse piece of Hot Pink, tear and layer 3 more times. Tie in Hollow Style.

Step 4 Repeat #3 but ad in a very small amount of Midnight Blue Martinek Flash or Angel Hair.

Step 5: Use a Bodkin to apply a very thin layer of Silicone. This will form a nice uniform head. Let Dry

Step 6: Add 1/2 inch or larger eye with a little silicone.

The finished fly is around 8 inches long.
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