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Well Randy,

It's nice of you to do that for Keith. But he undertands that we rely on our sponsors to deal with our burden, and has inquired about sponsorship.

You asked me if the Forum would like to advertise on your website recently. Although we did not take you up on your offer, that advertisement would have only been worth something if you did not let everyone else promote themselves on your site along with us without the same ante.

If you were filling white space wantonly, I think we would feel compromised. It boils down to a matter of honor. If one sponsor is good enough to support us, then we will not dishonor him by letting others promote their interests or the interests of their direct competitors because of the available cleavage (I removed that post) at twice the price.

These are companies like Rio, Airflo, Scientific Angler, Sage, Thomas and Thomas, LOOP, Rob Meiser, etc - some of the finest in the industry. Great flyshops of North America, guides who are excellent recommendations even to your best friend. People we want to honor as they honor us with their sponsorships.

In fact I have held my advertisement off the site because I am not sure how people would take it. I want people to think of the forum as the forum, not as my promotional project. Due to a recent job change, I might not be able to hold off forever - but I have to think that four years says something about me as a person.

So many people are tempted to jump on board and push their wares. We deal with spam day in and day out. It's a hassle especially for our staff who take no payment for bringing this site to it's members, although someday that might change. It's been four long years of work without pay.

I don't think it's a lot to ask... but if you want to participate, all we ask is that people play by the rules that let us keep this house in order.

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