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RE:Redington Reels

I bought my redington 9/10LA earlier this summer and on it's first outing the drag made some wierd noises and hitched a bit on the fast runs. There were no problems after that(mid-july) until last nite. I was fishing in roug surf and catching nice fish all nite, but towards the end of the evening the drag started making noises again and hitched a little, not as bad as the first time, but still worrisome, especially since i'm going to MV this weekend to try to hookup with my first tunoid. I wash/wipe down/oil&grease the reel after every use, so it's not like it's being neglected.

I think it just doesn't like being submerged. Both times i had problems i was wading in rough waters and was knocked down by the surf more than once, submerging the reel. It seems to be ok now, but i'm going out tonite to (hopefully) test it before the weekend.

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