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Small World

Hi Keith,
Small world is right!Nice to chat and have enjoyed your post's. Welcome to one of the best Web sites for the Cape and beyound. Great bunch of anglers here, all willing to help in anyway possible. They'd give you the shirt off their back.

I have heard the name, but do not know him personally, good reputation.

I wont post it here, but see if you can find my email address or something to contact me. If you have a web site (Please dont post the url here unless your a paid advertiser, Ive made that mistake before and above will be the last time I make that mistake again)) I'll throw it up on my, will, errr, lets just say, if you have a web site for your buisness, send it to me privately and Ill post it on mine. You should see a nice jump in your hits. I have a lot of white space I need to try to fill and enjoy trying to help others in the buisness.

My work load is starting to get heavy so I wont have much of a chance to chat much, so it was nice meeting you.

May all your door knobs always smell of grossly oversized Stripers and steelhead,

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