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I agree with everything said. In all I used lead eyes about 70% of the time but some situations called for bead chain., like paris flat and orvis flat where the water is 1-2 feet deep. If I where to do it again I would tie all my flies in either yellow, orange, pink or white. with bead-chain or lead eyes and that is it. from 8-4

But after the first two days all I wanted to do was go after juvie blue trevalle with number 4 bone fish flies on the pancake flats. It was a blast. Also carry some small minnow patterns and some steel leader, the black tip sharks from 3-8 lbs cruise all the edges and are a tone of fun, fight harder then a bone actually.

As far as big bones forget it. All I could manage were those in the 6-8lbs range. There are just so many you will see some 10lbs but they are almost always in school and the 2lbs'er always seem to take your fly first. The best place to target singles and doubles on the bigger side where on Orvis flat.
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