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RE:Sunglass Testimonials?


I have had a pair of Action Optics - Tailwaters for the past two years and love them. They have the polycarbonate copper lenses in them and they retail for $59. They have a large lens, which is not the fanciest looking, but sure does cover my eyes. They have a newer version - called the Headwaters - the only difference is a smaller frame. My buddy Chris has both and he loves the newer model. I used to just buy the cheap ones, actually still do for wife and spare pairs, but I do notice a difference and will opt for the better lenses in the future if I should break, or lose these. They seem to make everything look a little sharper or crisper when I wear them - even more than the $12 Walmart shades (BTW those walmart shades have a great frame (wraparound), wish the lenses were better). The Action Optics are great while driving, and the copper colored lens isn't too dark on overcast days. I like that color better than the brown or grey lenses for SW and FW fishing.

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