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There are 2 issues we face on our MW rivers.

First and foremost is the makeup of 90% of our waters. Most of it is pocket water. Short deep runs where one must get down fast. How do you do that effectively? I shudder typing these words, chuck n duck. That style of fishing has a downside, it promotes snagging. Way too easy to run your fly into the fishes mouth or other parts. But if done by an etichcal fisherman he can and will score some nice fish.

Second issue is our fish are not the same as the PNW's. From what many have told me the PNW fish are a different lot. More prone to come to a swung fly or surface presentation. Every GL Steelhead and Salmon started out as a hatchery fish. Even tho it was years ago in some cases. Yes at times Steel will come to a swung fly or a surface presentation. It does happen, just not as much as the PNW.

Why is that? Is it our fishes habits or our habits. Stuck in one mode of presentation. You would like to think that over the years the hatchery has been bred out of our fish. If that is the case then it must be us.
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