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Juro -
The antagonism is really pretty easy to understand. What would have been your reaction if the situation had been reversed? Suppose that the Bonking Society of Washington has proposed opening the entire Quilleyutte system downstream of the Park year round, 2 fish wild fish limit, no annual wild fish limit and no bait restriction. Their justification was that the escapement has been 4,000 to 6,000 above the established escapement goal. We all had testified against the rule change, WDFW staff recommended against it. At the final hour of the final meeting for approval any proposed regulation changes one of the commissioners thought it was a good idea and they voted to considered the change and adopted that change.

Would you be a big fan of the Bonking Society? I think not! Also I suspect that you might have issues with the Commission. That is exactly what happen with the WSR issue. Was WSC and their allys wrong - of course not however it may not be the best way to win friends.

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