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From what I have been able to gather, the majority of fisherfolk are in favor of wild steelhead C&R. They are only a little apprehensive of giving up their fish to someone else, ie. tribes, poachers and the "unknown." They will embrace and forget if the runs can be increased. These two years are a little short but it can be done.

It's going to take extra care by all of us to make sure we release with speed and care meaning we should take our photos with the fish in the water (especially if you're going to post photographic proof of lawbreaking)!

Also, the C&R rule has the potential to create many more lawbreakers. We need to be vigilant and do what we can to stop the increased poaching, particularly on those rivers where there has been a kill season.

Come on WSC, get "Streamwatch at Eyes in the Woods" to our next meeting. Remember how much Curt Kraemer was for it last year.

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