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You are right on the swelling of the ranks of enemies of the WSC. I am not sure that they are new though as many lined up against the WSC two years ago. Even so, there are many friends out there both new and old.

The WSC swung for the fences and connected. They used the department's own data and talked science with the commissioners. Or at least all of them but the one that refused to meet with them. They got there ammunition in order and played the political game. Despite the "backroom betrayal" BS that many of those opposing this decision are claiming, the WSC did it the old fashioned way by working the system. For that they should be commended.

Is their target area larger now? You betcha. This was a huge victory but now they need to keep the momentum going on those other issues like habitat that have an even greater impact on the health of steelhead runs. The next two years will determine if the WSC thrives or goes down as a one issue organization. Based upon what we witnessed last Friday, I expect only the best from them.

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