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Well it seems most people who oppose this are thinking that this restriction will make it easier for more restrictions to be imposed on anglers (basically total shutdown). I do not agree with that mentality as this has not happened in BC and Idaho. Like Sinktip says people are quick to forget and just move on.

From the people I have talked to and read online who oppose this are busy pointing their fingers at the tribes, netters, poachers, etc. However, it seems reasonable that since this fight has been won we do indeed have our house in order to go after these other problems.

Those who release wild steelhead are in the majority in this state and last time I checked that is how things in this country are supposed to be run. Majority rules (unless you are running for prez )

I for one would love to see this go to a public statewide vote via an initiative. I think we would have no problem winning....

This ruling has really got me excited about grass roots campaigns and feeling bad about not giving as much as I could to the cause. That will change in 2004.

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