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Here's the recipe:
(May sound complicated but it's easier to tie than to describe :hehe: )

3/0 bass bug hook
Heavy-duty thread
Mono weed guard
24 guage copper wire rib
Yellow rabbit fur strip, 3/8" wide, 3" long
Red floss head

Lash a loop of 20# or 30# mono to the hook shank so you can create a standard mono loop weed guard. Lash the copper wire to the shank with the end extending off the back of the hook. If necessary, build up the thread on the hook shank so that you can fold the rabbit strip around the shank and have the edges meet on the bottom of the shank without bunching up or overlapping. The thread should be at the tail end of the shank at the point where the wire extends from under the wraps. Place the rabbit strip along the top of the hook so the front end is almost flush with the hook eye. Part the hair where it lines up with the thread and the wire at the tail end of the shank, and make a few wraps of thread around the strip where the fur is parted so that the strip folds around the shank from the top. Tie a couple half-hitches to secure the thread and then bring the thread around the shank but under (in front of) the rabbit strip. Hold the front section of the strip out of the way and wrap the thread forward almost to the hook eye and secure the thread. Apply a light coating of head cement along the shank, then lay the strip along the top of the shank, stretching it forward a bit, and tie the front end down just behind the hook eye. While the cement is still wet, fold the edges of the strip down around the shank and wrap the wire forward, parting the hair as you go so that the wire wraps around the skin and not the hair. Tie down the end of the wire. Bring the mono weed guard forward and tie that down. Form the head with thread and cover it with red floss (or just form the head with red thread and skip the floss) then coat the head with cement and/or epoxy.

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