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RE:Orvis wader returns

Orvis has far and away the best return policy I'm aware of. They are more than the point of being taken advantage of. I'm not saying that they aren't making a lode of dough, but I remember talking to someone in customer service and she told me of a woman who tried to return all of her husbands fishing stuff...waders, rods,reels ect. because her husband had drown! That's a tragic situation and a very loose interprtation of a satisfaction guarantee.
They are a very big company, and when you send stuff back to Manchester or Roanoke, it can take a while to be proscessed. I recomend that you call up a Company store and ask (nicely) if they can exchange them for you. Usually there is an over the counter policy for most stuff excluding rods and reels. I think that it is easier to talk to someone in a shop as opposed to a customer service person at the telephone center.
If you fish a lot, you might consider upgrading on the waders. The cheaper waders are pretty light duty and probably not suited to the hard core types. Hope it goes well, Eddie
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