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Swinging flies

Hi Juro,
Hope all is well. Yes, a fair number of anglers swing flies and do traditioanl fly fishing with success.

After you have experienced out
West, I think you would be disappointed up here.

The local economoy could use your $$, but I'd go where the vista's and fish are more wild and come to a fly better. (In my opionion)

Best Fish's,

Feel free to delete this and all post's I just made. No hard feelings, no biggy. I just feel that these sites are a source for the free exchange of information and by adding good substance- bring's more viewers to your site. This helps the local economoy and also any sales you might be offering iff your web site. Content = more viewers. More viewers = hopefully more sales. Its one thing to be a paid advertiser and another to take hours out of my day to write report's, educational articles to help your viewers. And in exchange only add my url. The viewer wins!

Again, no hard feelings if you should decide to delete everything, just felt like shareing, thats all.
May all your door knobs smell of grossly over sized bass and steelhead.
Randy Jones
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