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I am of the swinging school of steelheading, and have done very well over the years in the pacific northwest. With all due respect drift fishing is not fly fishing, and vice-versa. Call me a purist, but I only fly fish for steelhead. In fact drift techniques are illegal on fly fishing sections of western steelhead rivers.

I realize the adoption of traditional fly fishing in the great lakes is growing very slowly, for a number of reasons. I think in some regions the fishing is focused on fish already on the redds, sadly. The waters are very cold and the fish are dour. But IMHO the #1 factor preventing real flyfishing in the GL is lack of confidence. With preseverence, people figure out how to present the fly to fish and will get good swinging flies. I am not judging those who chuck n duck, I am only saying fly fishing is one thing and drift fishing is quite another.

So my question: Do many people swing flies on the Salmon River? Does everyone still stand in one spot instead of rotating through? Do you think it would be worth my while to come out or should I just fly out to the west where I know I can get a pull on the line with a traditional presentation on my spey rod?

Thanks in advance
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