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Re: ...and also thanks to

Originally posted by DLoop
Sparkey. Didn't he lead the petitioning for the wild fish handling changes?
I do not think I can take the credit for the new handling regulation although I have seen it referred to as Sparkey's Law on a few differant occasions.

On Bob's Board about a year ago, I brought up, on a couple differant occasions, that I would like to see a change in the current regulations regarding the handling of wild steelhead.

About a half dozen or so people sent in regulation proposals that were similar to mine. I also stood up for the proposal and defended it when it came under fire (and recieved many nasty emails).

BUT, there were others that brought up similar proposal ideas prior to when the proposals were due, there were others that defended the proposal...and there were also others that testifed and sent in letters on behalf of the proposal as well.
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