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RE:Striper Lines - which and why?

The general impression I get from the following Companies/Lines is:

Cortland Lazer: Holds up well under a great deal of use even with stretching. You can find it at good prices. Casts: very good. I use it on flats for crab/shrimp patterns or for poppers and gurglers.

Cortland 444 sink: Used 30-40% of the time and has held up with no cracking. I don't stretch it. Low price. Casts: fair. Great for the Merrimack and Boston Harbor.

SA Sink tips: I have two. One 5w and one 9w. The 9 is so cracked I can't use it. The 5 is beginning to crack and will be unfishable soon. Always had to stretch which probably helped the cracking. Middle of the road in terms of price. Casts: good. I use it 60% of the time in freshwater and I used it 75% of the time in Salt. Now I use it 0%.

AirFlo Int: 2nd Season, so far so good. This line is used most of the time and has, on paper anyway, a great warranty. I don't stretch it. $50+ though. Casts: very good. Great all around line. Never leave it at home.

Hope this helps...
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