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dansteelieman 02-23-2003 07:50 PM

GL Surf's Up Steelhead
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Well, as you might already know I am a beachbum, and I live for flyfishing the surf for chrome cruisers in our GL region. Anyways, it won't be long till I am on the beach shooting flies to hungry, ice out browns, steelies and salmon. Well, I just wanted to share a series of patterns I made up for the GL region that I sell to a few shops and clients.

I have many pics, but here are a few. If you want the recipies, please let me know. Here is a sampler!

dansteelieman 02-23-2003 07:55 PM

more pics....
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Here is the surf series patterns I use and sell to flyshops. Let me know if you want the directions or if you want me to bring them to the clave. Very realistic is the key in my patterns. Most imitate smelt, alewife, shad, and cisco.


Fly plate #1 in order:

-Dan's Polar Alewiife
-Ultra Hair Clouser(perch)
-Ultra Hair Clouser(smelt)
-Surf Candy(alewife)

dansteelieman 02-23-2003 08:00 PM

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Fly plate #2

-Dan's GL Ultra Smelt
-Dan's Razzle Dazzle Alewife
-Dan's Sparkle Smelt
-Dan's Holo Alewife

:D :rolleyes:

dansteelieman 02-23-2003 08:04 PM

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Fly plate #3

-Dan's GL Smelt
-Dan's Flashback Smelt
-Dan's GL Alewife
-Dan's GL Puglisi Smelt(bendback)
-Dan's GL Puglisi Alewife(bendback

Can you tell I love this stuff yet?:rolleyes:

flyfisha1 02-24-2003 07:59 AM

Good Gravy!!!
Thos are some big flies! I didn't realize that salmon and steelhead fishing involved flies on order with what we typically fish in the salt for stripers. What sizes are the flies you picture?:eyecrazy:

dansteelieman 02-24-2003 08:36 AM's up
Usually they range in size from size #4 - 2/0 The largest one's are on 1/0 keel hooks that ride properly and don't snag up.

I bet some of those would be killer for saltwater!

flyfisha1 02-24-2003 01:26 PM

Looking at them, these patterns are very similar, if not identical, to some of the ones we use for species such as stripers, bluefish, weakfish, barracuda, jacks, etc. I'm sure you'd be well stocked if you decided to venture out into the coastal waters to chase some of these fish. Great tying jobs!

dansteelieman 02-24-2003 01:31 PM

Thank you.....
I acutally did some research on our baitfish and acutally caught some of them, then went out and bought the best materials to imitate them.

Yeah, when I am fishing Deleware Bay this summer for stripers, I think I should be ok.

Danbo 02-24-2003 04:27 PM

Which one is your fave? For clear conditions at a GL rivermouth?
Did you ever try some zonkers in large sizes too? Fish On,bro.

dansteelieman 02-24-2003 04:32 PM

In ultraclear water at rivermouths I like Dan's Holographic smelt and alewife, they reflect alot of light and are very apparent.

Sometimes surfin calls for stealth. I usually fish clear intermediate lines with flouro leaders and very realistic patterns. When fishing pierheads and deeper channels, or for what I refer to as "searching" not "seeing" I will fish spey rods, 400grain sinking lines and heavier tackle and flies such as ultra hair clousers and weighted imitations.

It all depends....:D

sleepy weasel 03-03-2003 10:09 AM

Nice patterns.

What materials are you using?
Looks like you have some angel hair in some of those.

Have you used any of the "success flies" stuff like polar fiber, flouro fiber, and kinki fiber?

pmflyfisher 03-03-2003 10:14 AM

Yeah, spey rodding, sink tips, with streamers at river mouths and surf I'm with you guys. Can't wait to ice out to hit the small Cohos in southern Lake Michigan and perhaps a nice brownie, or steelhead.

PM Out

removed_by_request 03-03-2003 11:13 AM

Feel the mouth of the Galien calling eh?

pmflyfisher 03-03-2003 11:36 AM

I cannot comment on such things on the internet.


PM Out

BobK 03-03-2003 12:48 PM

One place I love is where a power plant discharges in a stream close to Lake O. The bridge and outlet are full of guys trying to catch 'em on eggs when they run upstream. But if you have the gonads to wade and surf, it's neat! About a month ago, I suggested to a guy with a pontoon boat that he give it a try (good access - a large fishermen's parking lot, and you just cross a road and launch it). And it's not a long drive, either! Some places are just MADE for pontoon boats. But I don't ever see anyone using them. I do surf fish there frequently, but it is a tough casting distance as the slope is very gradual.

He did VERY well, and LOVED it! - On his first trip, he picked up 2 steelies, a brown, a coho, and a fresh (2 year old) chinook. All in half a day's fishing. Sometimes you even manage a laker. All you have to do is make sure you have a favorable and reasonably calm wind. And he commented on the convenience.

(I am now contemplating a pontoon boat for my birthday this summer! - Maybe sooner!):hehe:


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