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artb 02-20-2003 05:48 AM

Knots What Knots?
What knots do you tie, and do you know how to tie a Bimini Twist?
I have been using the Surgeon's knot, and the Uni- knot. I would really like to be able to tie a Bimini Twist, but have not been able to consistantly tie it correctly, because of it's complexity I don't know of one book that has a good explanation on how to tie.:chuckle:

Roop 02-20-2003 08:42 AM

I like the Lefty/ Sosin book. Have spent many a night sitting on the couch, drinking beer, shoes off, hooking the loop around my big toe & tying biminis with 10, 20 & 30# mono.

It's all a matter of practice. Capt. Pete Sheppard of Key West & Nantucket showed me how he ties them using the handle of a rod in a vertical holder... in about a minute!!

Palomar 100% for leader to fly, lure, plug

albright or double surgeons for line to line

for my super braids on my spin rods I use and offshore knot to make a loop and albright the loop to my fluoro leader.

Need to start practicing again for this season.

Maybe I'll perfect hog tying the new dog with 100# braided wire and see how long it takese her to eat her way through - that's a great test to see how ashark would do ;)

cohocola 02-20-2003 11:56 AM

It's all for knot
I tie these knots with ease...

Improved clinch Knot
Blood knot
Perfection Loop
Surgeon's Loop
Dropper Loop
Trilene Knot
Nail Knot

I can NOT tie a Bimini Twist or the Australian Braid to save my life...
I must have used a mile of old monofilament last summer trying to get this knot... :eyecrazy:

I guess the problem just might be.... Me.
Naah, it's the knot... :hehe:

striblue 02-20-2003 12:12 PM

I have to admit to you that there is no book in the world or written instructions that can show you how to tie a Bimini.. The only way I learned was by watching someone else do it... the knot requires certain tensions be employed while tying it which a book can not show you since the knot is tied by Feel as well. Once someone shows you it's a piece of cake..just a little practice to get the feel of the tensions.

Dble Haul 02-20-2003 12:30 PM

Following up on John's point about seeing someone do the knot, is there a video out there on this subject? If not, methinks there's a potential market out there. I think it might help with some of the more complicated least it would be better than diagrams in a book.

Adrian 02-20-2003 05:10 PM

I actually managed to figure out the bimmini twist from Lou Tabory's Inshore Flyfishing. Then saw some slight variations on a bluewater trip down Cabo way a few years back.

Last year at the Lefty Kreh day, he showed us how to finish the Bimmini off in a very neat way - instead of making the usual 5 overhand turns around the doubled line, make 9 or more and then "Unwind" the turns which creates a kind of whip-finish. This makes it easy to tighten the locking turns whithout the annoying "stacking" that can occur with the standard method.

Back in the UK where a Bimmini is a Cocktail or brand of swimsuit :rolleyes: , I've won a few $$$ in bets on the Bimmini being stronger than the mainline. "Impossible" they retort and fall for it every time. :devil:

You can even put a bimmini in 7x tippet - but probably knot for Bluewater applications.:smokin:

artb 02-20-2003 08:19 PM

I have gotten along so far without the Bimini, it is just that I would like to be able to tie it. Over the years my knots have hold much better than they use to, when I used the blood knot, and the improved clinch knot. I have had line failure before my leaders have broken down. Who is going to teach me the Bimini ??:chuckle:I do have quite a few of the major books on Saltwater Flyfishing.:)

Sprocket 02-20-2003 08:48 PM

Bikini Twists
Art - try the version in Tabory's book - and keep at it until it works - then watch someone else tie it and try all over again.

worked for me.

Seems like we should have a knots 'clave...

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