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John Desjardins 02-11-2003 09:49 AM

Warm-water fly swap entry: Brown maribou muddler
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There in the mail so I can enter my flyy for the warmwater flyswap in the archive now.

Brown maribou muddler

hook: #8 Mustad 94840BLN
thread: white, 6/0 for body & wing, 3/0 for head
tail: brown Maribou
body: DMC gold metallic embroidery thread
wing: brown Maribou
Head: Dyed brown deer body hair trimmed to suit.

I tie these in two steps which is the reason for the different threads. First I tie in the tail, form the body and add the wing for all the flys I'm tying. Then a couple of nights later I come back and do the deer hair heads. I've found that I make better flys this way.

Dble Haul 02-11-2003 09:53 AM

John, I can guarantee that at least one of those flies will get heavy use. Nice job.

pmflyfisher 02-11-2003 10:01 AM

I am behind on this one, when was the due date.

To distracted on the fly show flys, hair wing swap, simple deadly fly swap, lite spey rod love issues, L. Wullff trivia, fly fishing quotes etc...

Let me know

PM Out

Dble Haul 02-11-2003 10:23 AM

What??? Hal doesn't know the due date for this swap?

This, coming from the guy who told John to close out the SBD swap when it ran a bit past the due date?

You could check the past threads, or the current one (Swap Update) when I kept reminding folks on a regular basis.

They're due this Friday. Don't make me close YOU out. :devil: :razz:

SDHflyfisher 02-13-2003 04:36 PM

you guys should warn me the next time you do a swap so i can be part of it

Dble Haul 02-13-2003 05:06 PM

There were numerous posts about this topic back in December. Take a look at the original thread that lead to this swap and you'll see that it was open to I'd say that you were well warned. :p

SDHflyfisher 02-14-2003 03:33 PM

i missed it because i don't check out the warmwater section very often

BigDave 02-14-2003 03:43 PM

very nice...
Looking forward to seeing the rest of them!

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