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pastortd 02-08-2003 11:21 AM

Speaking of Matukus
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Here is Dr. Dave Engerbretson's Chickatuka fly. I keep a wide variety of these with me when I am fishing for Steelhead and for Trout. This particular colour variation took a nice buck from a local creek this past Summer. The natural silver-grey dun is a pretty colour, I think. Scrounge your flyshoppe bins and other sources to look for "variant" breast patches and hen saddles. You can find some neat things to do with this pattern. The mottled variants are my favourites, but this dun is a lot of fun, too!

Please notice that in the recipe I have left off the colours. You can let your imagination have free reign or match the baitfish where you intend to fish the pattern. With all the coloured tinsels and braids available, the options are nearly infinite!


Hook: Streamer or XL nymph hook (Dai-Riki 730, size 2 here)
Eyes: Bead chain
Body: Flat tinsel (SW Mirage flashabou here)
Rib: X-fine wire
Wing: Rooster breast feathers, back to back.
Collar: Fluffy rooster breast feather, wound.

The collar on mine is not as fluffy as it should be most patches of "cape trimmings" contain feathers that basically amount to mini-marabou. They make the best collars. Since this fly was made from a very webby hen saddle, I just pulled the fuzziest feather from the bunch and wound it.

The name comes from a combination of the words "Chickabou" from the name of the first widespread marketing of rooster breast feathers, and "Matuka", the American spelling of "Matuku".

I have also seen it tied in green/olive on stinger hooks with big foam eyes and the "wing" hanging way off the back of the hook. A frog!

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