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Dble Haul 02-07-2003 08:23 PM

Hellgramite (swap entry)
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Here's the warmwater swap entry provided by sandyflyx, and the recipe that he provided.

Hook: 3665A #4
Thread: Black
Tail: small bunch of pheasant tail fibers
Underbody: .035 lead wire strips on each side
Abdomen: course blackish/brown dubbing
Rib: black larva lace
Gills: one black and one brown saddle hackle palmered wet fly style in front of rib
Thorax: black fun fur or course hair spun in a loop
Wingcase: turkey or grey goose
Mandibles: two fibers left from excess wing
Legs: fur and guard hairs from thorax

Nice tie Bob. This one's a winner!

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