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John Desjardins 02-04-2003 11:19 AM

5'th Pmflyfisher SBD flyswap entry, Caddis Nymph
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This is the 5'th of Hals entrys in the simple but deadly fly swap. I'll let Hal enter the recipe.

pmflyfisher 02-04-2003 06:16 PM

I should have never sent this pattern in what came over me ? This is one of the Caddis patterns the wild Pere Marquette steelhead act like candy last spring.

I guess I will post the instructions for my great lakes colleagues, its such a simple pattern, but you need the right crystal chenille.

PM Out

BobK 02-05-2003 06:47 AM

So ugly!
That fly is so ugly (but made of the RIGHT stuff) that it will really catch fish! Nice pattern, Hal!

I know what the wing is, and I think I know how and what the body is, but include the recipe! Please?


pmflyfisher 02-05-2003 09:37 AM

Darn, its been downloaded 26 times already. I will post the instructions I need to get the name of the specific sparkle chenille and color though its at home in the fly tying inventory maze some wheres.

Does any one have orderly system for their fly tying materials I do not after 23 years of tying my own. :eyecrazy:

I am sure Fred and Bobk though have everthing in order in their fly tying worlds.

PM Out

removed_by_request 02-05-2003 10:02 AM

I have a pegboard with hooks just like fly shop, works real nice.

Feathers in one spot, yarn, fur, hair, etc all on their own pegs.

Easy tp put up and expand upon.

John Desjardins 02-05-2003 10:10 AM

I certainly don't have an orderly system. Started the pegboard system last then other projects intruded and not much got done. Sometimes its easier to buy new materials than find what I have. :rolleyes:

BobK 02-05-2003 06:27 PM

Putting order in the system!

In storing fly tying materials, one must be careful in order to avoid wasting too much time in searching for and selecting materials. I have come up with a very organized method for quick storage and accessability of my supplies so they are conveniently at hand, easy to find, and within arms reach, or at most, a step or two of the vise.

All of my supplies are catalogued neatly in alphabetical order, in envelopes in a very large set of file cabinets. The feathers are by species, type, and shades of primary colors, and use. It's a little cumbersome until you get used to it.

And if you believe THAT story, I've got some swampland in Jersey for sale very reasonably.


pmflyfisher 02-05-2003 10:51 PM

I was starting to believe you until I read the last line. Could any fly tyer stay orderly, I doubt it.

I just got a large inflow of LOTS of duck feathers now where to put them.:chuckle: :chuckle:

I use to hunt and trap in the jersey swamp lands as a kid. It was pretty good back then muskrat, fox, skunk, opossum, rabbits, pheasants, rats etc...

Thats when I became an outdoorsmen. ;)

PM Out

SDHflyfisher 02-06-2003 04:40 PM

i just finished building a fly tying box in woods and have probably tied 40 flies on it allready. it has pegs for the thread holes for tools and a strip of magnet for hooks. it is the madison river box from orvis it would have cost me $165 to buy and it only costed $60 to make myself with some improvements. whatever doesn'y go in the box stays in a tackle box that i use strictly for fly tying. so i'm preety organized after 3 years.

pmflyfisher 02-06-2003 06:56 PM

I've tying 23 years and still have some stuff from year 1. You will see how much you accumulate over the years. I need a big storage facility which is now in a large chest, two big tackle boxes, a 6 drawer office storage, and four large drawers in an old dresser, plus two cabinets in my garage.

There a lot of stuff.

Maybe fly tying garage sale is in order, I wonder how many people would show up if I advertize it here ? :eyecrazy:

I will think it about it.

PM Out

BobK 02-06-2003 07:52 PM

Hal - Just Wait!
Several years back, I put some feathers of game birds I had shot in with my fly tying supplies. A couple of weeks later, it was practically CRAWLING AWAY! I don't know what they were, but I had to throw out everything, and really sterilize the area after clean-up (just in case!)

Now I am VERY careful of my source for materials, and I am still trying to replenish all of my supplies. I always seem to not have the material I need at a particular moment.

So, take heed. Give all wild materials a good dusting with an insecticide and quarantine 'em for at least a week before using 'em. I wouldn't ever want to see anyone have to go through that unpleasantness again.


pmflyfisher 02-06-2003 08:00 PM

Heres the pattern materials and instructions:

Pattern: Green Rock Worm Steelhead Caddis

Species: Great lakes trout, king salmon, steelhead in which green rock worm caddis are present.

Size: 8-14

Hook: Any stong curved caddis nymph style hook, make sure it is 2x strong or more. (Trout hooks will be bent by steelhead). Usually weight hook with lead wire.

Thread: black or olive 6/0 or 8/0

Body: Tinsell Chenille - Olive/Pearl - Medium

Head: 2-3 strands of peacock herl with several strands left on top of head or bottom. I don't think it really matters to steelhead

Fish on dead drift with sink tips usually standard nymphing techniques.

Has proven to be another one of my go to caddis patterns. Must have close to 10 different caddis types now.

You would be amazed at the 20lb kings that will take this small nymph. Make sure you have an extra strong hook for them.

PM Out

Quentin 02-06-2003 08:04 PM


Originally posted by pmflyfisher
I've tying 23 years and still have some stuff from year 1. . . .

Maybe fly tying garage sale is in order, I wonder how many people would show up if I advertize it here ? :eyecrazy:

I will think it about it.

PM Out

That's a riot! I still have some materials from the fly tying kit that I received as a gift about 30 years ago. That kit got me into tying, but I casted the flies using spinning gear and a casting bubble and the "dark side" soon took control. I got away from fly tying for many years and just started tying again about a year ago. It was easy to find what I needed when I first started tying again -- I put my stuff in a 5 drawer dresser and one of those plastic 4 drawer storage units and arranged everything by the type of material. Now I'm starting to accumulate enough stuff that I have to dig for things and I often "discover" materials that I forgot I even had! And I still need more stuff ! ! ! If you decide to have a garage sale I'll be there!


pmflyfisher 02-06-2003 08:25 PM

Any body brave enough to post a picture of the first flys they tied?

I have some in my historical fly archives.

Maybe I will post one some night after I drink a bottle of wine and get up the courage.

PM Out

SDHflyfisher 02-07-2003 03:31 PM

i don't have any pictures of the first flies i tied but iknow what they were the classic woolly worm and bugger.

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