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johnp 01-16-2003 03:09 PM

Anyone been to exuma lately?
Hi All,
Getting psyched for my annual Exuma pilgrimage and was wondering if there's anything new going on down there?
I heard for the 6th year in a row now that Emerald Bay was almost done. Wonder how that's going to effect the island life.

Has anyone tried tying any bonefish flies up with polar bear hair? I am gonna try some gotchas and charlie variations with polar wings and was wondering if it was worth trying.


Adrian 01-17-2003 12:07 AM


My annual trip will be a pass this year:(

Just means I get to do an even bigger trip next year:D

My friends are staying at seven sister at palm hotel. I stayed there last year on a DIY gig. Most of the emeral bay big shots stay there - very cheap.

When you get down there Abby McKennzie can put you in grand slam territory if the tides are right. If you want his phone number drop me an email.

The flats on the North side of the island right across the road from the hotel are virtually unfished. We did a reckie there and the feeding holes were fresh and large! Try to get out there either side of high tide and you could have a real blast all on your own!

johnp 01-17-2003 07:52 AM

It's a shame you can't get down this year:(
This year again we are going to the usual beach inn, with some p&p guides and some independents mixed in. I actually set a pretty grueling fish schedule with only one day off. I have been trying to work on the DIY thing for a couple years but the other half is still capable of putting on sufficient pressure to veto me and so far we've been happy with our trips. I should be fishing with Willie Jr a couple of days so hopefully if conditions allow we can take some time chasing permit. This could be the year:D
I will be also fishing with JJ and he was working some new flats last year so hopefully he has a few hogs penned for me as well.


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