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Leland Miyawaki 01-13-2003 09:41 AM

Southsound, WA Report
Today, I paid off the raffle prize Brian Hata won at the WFFC auction - a Southsound Beach Trip. We were joined by Greg Crumbaker, Bob Young and Earl "Half Day" Harper.

We met for breakfast at The Poodle Dog in downtown Fife at 6:30am, before heading south to Joemma. We fished a 13' incoming tide that slacked at 11:30am. Bob caught the first fish of the day, a small cutt, and I quickly followed with my first and only fish of the day, a 14" marked silver on a popper. Earl caught two silvers of about the same size, also on a popper, while Bob continued to derrick them in fishing the darkside. All in all, Bob caught five silvers and a cutt, all before lunch.

After a beachside lunch of teriyaki-sesame chicken, albacore sashimi, maki-sushi, cucumber sunomoto, fresh pineapple and hot green tea, we moved on to Kopachuck to fish the outgoing tide where Greg caught the only fish, a 14" marked silver.


Olyfly 01-13-2003 02:43 PM

Wow! Top water action and a tasty lunch to boot. Hard to beat that. Thanks for the report. Were the sub-surface takes on euphasids or baitfish patterns?

I'm running out of time on the Nisqually reach. Decided not to take the boat out yesterday when we saw the rain in the morning, and of course it turned out to be a beautiful day. Not sure how much longer the chum will be showing in the salt down here.

and another one... any impact to the Narrows access given the bridge project?


Leland Miyawaki 01-13-2003 02:47 PM

One on baitfish and the rest on reverse spiders. So far the Narrows is not impacted but I am expecting good euphasid fishing at Doc's, if not now, soon.


Surf_Candy 01-16-2003 05:36 PM

thanks for the report....I need to get out and pound the beach! Sounds like a good lunch for sure.

jim W

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