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cohocola 01-11-2003 11:50 PM

Panfish Terrestrials
Nothing puts more bluegill on the end of my tippit here in north east Ohio than the foam body ant patterns.

I fish local ponds in the late summer and get hits almost every cast.:rolleyes:
The terrestrial surge is allways good for some hot action and hoppers, beetles and ants are my bugs of choise.

I also use a ladybug wet-fly pattern (my own pattern) that takes fish with ease... (sorry, I have no picture to show you)

I use a #12 wet-fly hook
Build the body shape using only thread, winding it on the hook to look like a small football from bend to eye...

Coat the back of the ladybug using my wife's red fingernail polish, building the polish up until the back is smooth...
(I hang the fly upside down to dry, this keeps the polish from running down onto the belly section...)

Once dry, I apply the spots using a fine tip, perminent black magic marker...
And there you have it...
A ladybug...

Quentin 01-12-2003 01:34 PM

Foam body bugs are my fly of choice when I just want to catch something on those hot, sunny summer days. Easy to tie, easy to cast, durable and absolutely deadly!

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