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juro 04-26-2000 08:20 AM

The Hunt for Big fish - cited for abuse
Hey did you hear that Larry Dahlberg got written up for abusing a native BC steelhead? He and his camera crew fought it three or four times on a C&R river to get the shots they wanted. Some of the hardcore sporting mags and websites are up in arms calling the official a nutcase, defending Dahlberg. I'll admit I've found LD entertaining at times but if he's so friggin hung up over shooting film he shouldn't be on a native BC C&R steelhead stream to do it. If so, he should settle for the shots he gets instead of keeping a trophy fish on the line four times longer than it needs to be. Larry - go to the Cowlitz, then eat the damn hatchery fish. Or do like us and catch three more for the film!

Kudos to the BC game official! In fact I am going to look him up and maybe we should send him some congratulatory emails. He has received a huge ration of crap from ESPN'ers and even the news media in BC. We should award him the Forum's Esteemed Steward of the Year award... (something I just made up!)

Doublespey 04-26-2000 11:04 AM

RE:The Hunt for Big fish - cited for abuse
ABSOLUTELY! Dalhberg isn't alone - a lot of steelheaders have heard of Guide Bob Piggott fishing the FLY FISHING VIDEO MAGAZINE couple on the Sol Duc river for steelhead. When they couldn't get into fresh fish, the started targeting fish on their beds. Got a LOT of flak for that - so much so that Bob's disappeared from the town of Forks.

These Bozos need to be setting an example for the rest of the fly angling public! And the idea that Anything you do is Worth It to get good video doesn't stop with Dahlberg and Piggott. Check out some of the Bubbas posing for pictures with their guides. Fish is out of the water, being passed from Guide to Client, often for over a minute as they get the shots they want.

So I agree - give the game official an award. We need more like him!

andre 04-26-2000 04:40 PM

RE:The Hunt for Big fish - cited for abuse
I would guess the best way to curtail this activity is hit them where it hurts, the $$$. The question is how do it without creating an image of flyfisherman who fight fish to exhaustion? I would guess the majority of "professionally produced" videos impact individual fish in a negative manner and can teach poor CNR practices as well.

freak'n hillbillies

juro 04-26-2000 04:54 PM

RE:The Hunt for Big fish - cited for abuse
What kills me is that of all the reviews of this I bumped into over the web, we're the first to take a clear stand AGAINST the ESPN actor and his film crew. Fortunately, I know the fly angling community in the pacific northwest would almost unanimously oppose that kind of behavior.

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