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pmflyfisher 12-25-2002 09:13 PM

2004 Fishing Partners ?
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New additions to the family today Siberian Reds Husky Pups.

Two brothers from the same litter, 11 weeks old. Parents are both show dogs and pedigree etc.

If you see a spey fisher in 2004 on a Michigan river with two siberians its probably me. Suppose one could guard the upper and one the lower part of the drifts as I work may way through.

A side benefit is there coat and tails have fine thick hair, reminds me of polar bear !!. Hmmm possibly another source of hair wing material, they shed twice a year, guess who will picking up their hair?

Note that one is light and one is darker, good color combo possibilities.

Siberians are great family dogs, looks like my boys have named them Blaze (red coat) and Shane (white coat).

Twas a very interesting christmas morning here with the breeders who are from Kalamazoo, Michigan who we had not met before, the two husky parents and their four pups, of which we now have the two brothers sleeping upstairs.

Merry christmas and happy new year to all !!

PM Out

Whiskey Dick 12-26-2002 01:41 AM

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Nice looking dogs, my fishing buddy is called Nicki and loves the front of the drift boat, this was on the Deschutes on monday.

removed_by_request 12-26-2002 05:29 AM

WD, nice dog, what breed is it?

peter-s-c 12-26-2002 09:02 AM

Nice pups, Hal. BTW. how did you resist call them 'Dubbin' and "Wing"?

pmflyfisher 12-26-2002 09:28 AM


I was out voted 4-1 on everything. (Wife and 3 sons won out on all decisions).

Oh well the tail hairs look excellent for hair wings and the body fur excellent for some dubbing material.

Plus if I cannot walk out on the snow and ice covered fisherman trails up in Michigan I will just let them drag me out, they love to run and pull. :D

Thats a couple of years away though, they are just playful pup brothers now.

PM Out

Willie Gunn 12-26-2002 09:46 AM

Did you get chance to read your Shewey - Spey and Dee Fly book or were you too busy with the mop and bucket. The dogs look lovely and not at all scissor shy yet.


pmflyfisher 12-26-2002 09:54 AM


I am inprocess of reading the Shewey book and will have some questions for you.

There are a couple of spey/dee patterns I have to learn how to tie. They have distinct possibilities on some of our waters and of course will move me to a higher plane in the GLs spey fly fisherman clan. I don't want to be called "sacrilegous" forever using my nymphs on the spey rod you know. I have sensitive feelings and ethics about these things you know.

They are friendly little buggers running around playing with each other in the snow this morning out in the back yard. Won't show them the scissors for a while.:chuckle: :chuckle:


PM Out

removed_by_request 12-26-2002 10:06 AM

remember about the 1'/2" gap rule in Michigan, wouldn't want the DNR fouling up you trip. Imagine a mini-spey on a #10 , it may have possibiliteis.

peter-s-c 12-26-2002 10:33 AM

1/2" gap rule? No gaps larger than 1/2"? Anti-snagging rule I suppose.

Looks like we're all in a rut as I Santa brought me Shewey's book as well. I've been using commerical burnt hackles but this is the first time I've read about how it's done. Nice to know.

There are a fair number of spey tiers in this neck of the woods, doing both fancies and traditionals. They fish the traditionals. I doubt I could bring myself to fish a fly that took so much effort to do right - especially with my liberal tendency of contributing to the RBBP.

pmflyfisher 12-26-2002 10:42 AM

Yes michigan adopted 9/1/02 1/2 inch hook gap max anti snagging rule on all andramous rivers. No weight below the fly has also been in effect. No scented flys or scents on you in the fly fish only and no kill sections.

I have to go through my pre trip regulation compliance control check list before each trip now.

I am the same on the spey flies cannot get myself to use them most of the time when I know they are going to end up in a sunken log. To much time to tie them and then lose them so quickly.

PM Out

striblue 12-26-2002 11:17 AM

Hal, bueatiful dogs...very nice!

removed_by_request 12-26-2002 11:24 AM

Spiders/popsicles are easy to tie and draw in the fish. I would not even think of buying jungle cock or any of the exoctics, too much hassle.

Shewey's book is a good one, he also sells all the feathers, threads, etc that one would need. His marabou is top flight.

pmflyfisher 12-26-2002 11:31 AM

Jungle cock and exotics :chuckle: :chuckle: , remember what Mr. R. H. Brown said about steelhead flys which is true to this day ?

I got the Shewey catalog and will be buying some items from him.

PM Out

removed_by_request 12-26-2002 11:46 AM

I'm not that old my friend. Never fished with him.

I do remember, funny thing about him is that he was a certified hardware fisherman. Throwing spoons and spinners is very much like swinging flys.

pmflyfisher 12-26-2002 11:50 AM

I used to be a deadly spoon and spinner fisher in my younger days ? :D :D

Have not thrown spinners for steelhead in a river since 1981 or 1982. I think it is a deadly technique if you know how to do it just drives them crazy seeing that come in front of them.

PM Out

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