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Steelheader69 12-21-2002 02:04 AM

Who makes their own dubbing from elk?
If you do, thought I'd post this here since it's a generalized forum. I was given a whole elk pelt. I cut it down into hair lengths and areas. Guess what? Have a gallon freezer bag full the left over hairs that came off hide when splitting pelt. If you make your own dubbing (I hear some take elk and grind up in shredder to make material) it's yours free. I'll even pay shipping in North America. Figured it's my Xmas gift to first person who EMAILS me. I won't use it (Not sure how long it'll take to use whole pelt I have). LOL

juro 12-23-2002 03:41 PM

There was a time when I could dub away such a bag, but I so infrequently dub bodies since my cross-country move that I can't even get thru the little bags of (legal) dyed seal fur I buy once a year.

Thanks for the offer though, and I have dubbed using the stuff combed out of elk hair patches in the past.

Steelheader69 12-24-2002 10:40 PM

Well, I am trying
Someone must want it? I guess I can keep it, but figured it's free, and nice hair. Can be used by someone. Don't want it going to waste. Guess I can comb through it and put it in my hair stackers I guess and make wings. Offer stands. Anyone interested????

Moonlight 12-24-2002 11:18 PM

Merry Christmas Jerry....
I have something for you.... You Jerry are one of the few addmitted two rod guys I know and as such the obvious person to be the one to receive the remainder of my collection of "Okie Drifters" these are all Cereise "hot Pink" and the large size that was and is the most sougfht after. I and my wife have not used these for at least 20 years, so as steelhead lures go, they are almost antiques. I know you have put your address on this board before but if you would just send me a PM with your address I will send you the "Okie Driftres"

Thanks for the offer but I have plety of Hair (just not on my head) Merry Christmas and many fish in the new year.
Peace in the Valley

Netwolf232 12-27-2002 10:21 PM

I would be interested in the left over hair. I am starting to fly tie and I think it would be a good addition to my growing materials collection. I would be more than happy to pay shipping costs. I will send you a private message or email with my address and we can go from there. Thanks

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