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Doublespey 04-24-2000 02:46 PM

Sauk/Skagit/Skykomish report
Tis the season of the LDR.

Bill, Tyler, and i packed into a benevolent Jeff's driftboat (we were a *little* over the weight limit of 800 lbs) and floated the upper Skagit from Marblemount to Rockport. Water was clear and the weather was typically schizo - rain, wind, and sun all visited us for short periods.

There wasn't much pressure on the upper river - we played leapfrog with a spey fisher in a green driftboat, but didn't see anyone else but walk-ins Dec Hogan and client at the Chapel run.

Three of us touched fish. I had a solid grab fishing one of the upper runs around Marblemount. Tyler got a fish on, and saw the silver beast in the clear water, but came unhooked when the fish ran at him. And Jeff, batting cleanup, had 2 fish clamp down on his fly in a couple new runs we explored.

I just got a report from a couple local steelhead hounds that floated the Sky yesterday - one hooked-played-almost landed an upper-teens buck at Two-Bit while his partner was shuttling the car down to the Ben Howard takeout. That was all their action for the day - not even a grab for their efforts.

Sounds like the steelhead are few, but still out there for the persistent. And almost no angling pressure, which certainly is a treat for those of us used to the opposite!

1 week left - sharpen your hooks!


juro 04-24-2000 10:57 PM

RE:Sauk/Skagit/Skykomish report
Three touches of steel sure beats nothing! What were the river levels like? General weather conditions?

I'm getting a little worried about the Cascade streams - that's two years in a row.

Doublespey 04-25-2000 11:03 AM

RE:Sauk/Skagit/Skykomish report
Water levels were high but fishable. Sauk was at about 5300cfs (mean was 4400), but vis was good at about 3'. Upper Skagit was high (in the trees)- I think the flow was measured at 18,800cfs at the Concrete gauge (mean was 16,500). Weather conditions have been *changable* - nothing continues for very long. Kinda like the Peninsula!

I'm a little worried about our Cascade runs, too. Especially with the Skagit - the C&R season had allowed that run to rebuild itself from practically nothing.

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