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pmflyfisher 12-09-2002 11:27 AM

Greater Midwest Fly Show - Chicago

Jan 11th & 12th - Oak Brook - Illinois

Who is planning on attending ?

National and local vendors will be there looks like Ross, T+T, Rio, and Ross all of which are Fly Fishing Forumn sponsors will be in attendance.

Jim and Don Teeny, Matt Supinski, Davey Wotton among other experts will be there and present sessions I suppose.

Maybe I will actually meet in the flesh a member of the forumn at this event, now thats scary. :whoa: :chuckle:

removed_by_request 12-10-2002 10:26 PM

I'll be there on Sunday, if you want to meet let me know.

pmflyfisher 12-11-2002 08:32 PM

Ok will see, Sunday may also be better for me, Bears will not be in the play offs so we don't have to worry about NFL play off games again this year.

fredaevans 12-11-2002 08:52 PM

Gad Hal, a ton of years since I've been to one of these
events. The San Mateo (did I get close to the selling--Edit here: selling?? well ment to say spelling; mental slip or no, well over a 'grand' changed hands) Joan got close to flipping out when she saw the credit card charges. New wife and all that. :devil:

Should have added this was about 1984-5 and one of the rods was my first Sage Spey. A few minutes on the casting pond and the 'card' was in my hand. Told Sage guy he sold the (well, actually two) rods if he'd toss in the Sage hat.

He did, I did, and I still 'sport' the hat - Fred's trademark? - on the river, still have the rod. Prior to then (a lot of years!) the first/last spey rod was a greenheart from my early years in Canada.

removed_by_request 12-11-2002 10:28 PM

Unless you are playing it (Football) no real reason to waste a Sunday.

All that is left now is Super Sunday and a couple of bowl games.

No big deal if you don't show, I go every year any way.

pmflyfisher 12-14-2002 04:36 PM


Thats why I normally stay away from these shows the temptations are to great. But have not been to one in a few years due mainly to work (out of town) and family. I will say hello to Mr. Teeny for you. Want to check out the latest things in his line since my fly shops here don't appear to carry it any more.


Will probably be there sunday, I think they have the same sessions saturday and sunday, will have to see when the schedule is posted. Will keep checking the web site.

Anybody else planning on showing up ? I think its just me, you, and Smolt here in Chicago but I could be wrong on that.

PM Out

removed_by_request 12-14-2002 07:09 PM

The spey boyz from Milwaukee always make an appearance.

Unless there is Steel to be had.

Smolt 12-15-2002 09:29 PM

I was there either last uear or the year before (the year Flip Pallot was there). I plan on attending again this year. I would like to make it the same day PM decides to go. I have no preference as to whether it is Saturday or Sunday, but Sunday would most likely be easier for me. (I have lunch with my brother almost every Saturday.)

pmflyfisher 12-15-2002 10:14 PM

OK I'm penciling in Sunday. Not sure if they have the same speaker sessions on each day. Keep checking the web site for the schedule of sessions.

PM Out

Smolt 12-16-2002 09:13 AM

I'll wear a red carnation.

removed_by_request 12-16-2002 09:15 AM

Most of those sessions get pretty boring, I usually go to play with the fly gear and such.

Also it is neat to watch some of the masters cast on the pond. Just think, you'll get a chance to cast a T&T spey if you wish.

pmflyfisher 12-16-2002 09:18 AM

Really, I thought it would be a Miramachi salmon fly.

Maybe I will wear my new spey fly pin of one of my own custom steelhead patterns that was made for me by a member of the board ?

Heck, I might even put it on my Fly Fishing Forumn khacki baseball hat. It is a fluor green fly and I think it would look cool. Have to think about that.

removed_by_request 12-16-2002 09:35 AM

Why not carry a sign stating I'm lost and can't find my beer.

pmflyfisher 12-16-2002 10:13 AM

Do GL fly fishers still drink beer ?

removed_by_request 12-16-2002 10:52 AM

If it's a good micro-brew or a nice tasty stout. Scotch is meant for the fireside at home not to be wasted in a paper cup. perhaps a tip from a flask riverside, but just a tip.

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