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striblue 07-06-2001 10:20 AM

Chatham Light---7/6
Out at 4:30 this morning . mid out going tide and not as crowded. Fished the point for about 20 minutes and started to head out. Placed my self between to bars and this spin guy comes up behind me and plants himself about 25 yards to my left... so I left and went elsewhere. Looking back I see some fishermen following me out along my trail in the shallow water. At one spot.. I land 4 right away... two about 25" and the other two, after taping them come in at 28 and 30" not bad. The spin fishermen are there now so I go somewhere else, but no luck then... slack tide and did not fish in front of the breakers .. maybe should of but the tide can really move there so home I go at 8:30.

juro 07-06-2001 10:31 AM

That beats the sh_t out of my morning...

got up... grumble. Got to work today, was out of there at 11pm last night doing reports for upper mgmt. In the driveway my son's truck is covered with mud from roof to bumper, rearviews whacked backwards, antenna broken, inspection sticker rejected and windows wide open with branches snapped off inside the cab. He found out about 4 wheel drive. I close his windows, reset his mirrors, call the shop about getting the exhaust fixed for his sticker.

On my way. Decide to try route 2 thru the rotary... why do I always fall for that?!? Grumble, wish I was fishin'...

Tomorrow can't come soon enough!

Lefty 07-06-2001 10:33 AM


striblue (07-06-2001 11:20 a.m.):
..this spin guy comes up behind me and plants himself about 25 yards to my left... so I left and went elsewhere.
Funny John. At P.I. on 4th July morn, it was so crowded that guys would squeeze in on both sides of you within 10 feet. Everyone was pretty much well behaved though as they knew we had to share the precious ammount of shoreline available.
Sounds like you're having a fun week.

Lefty Weirdo

Lefty 07-06-2001 10:39 AM


juro (07-06-2001 11:31 a.m.):
That beats the sh_t out of my morning...

got up... grumble. ......
Hey Juro, quit your bitchin. You've got to think positive! :P

Just practice your Desktop Monomoy Meditation (DMM). Close your eyes, lean back in your chair away from your workstation......ahh your in Rip Ryders boat approaching the drop see multiple wolf packs cruising the flats...Mmmmmmmmoooonomoy Mmmmmmmoooonomoy
Repeat chant 5 times.


juro 07-06-2001 10:50 AM

Ahhh that's better... I stood up on my desk for a better view }>

I am going to teach a co-worker how to cast during lunch hour. He wants to catch a striper this weekend. I like to do my part to convert non-FF'ers each season ;-)

MikeF 07-06-2001 11:54 AM

I think you must have encountered a 'Spinning Clave'. }>
I believe that spin fishermen can read too. ;D

I tried e-mailing you but I got an auto-message.

juro 07-06-2001 02:21 PM

A spinning clave?... hmm.... now I understand what all the anti-clave hubbub was about recently! It seems people have the wrong idea of what a clave is. The tourist cluster_muck at Chatham light lately is anything but a 'clave', (which is a planned gathering of fishermen sharing knowledge and good times while celebrating fishing together). Most times the claves we run target remote places - they're about getting away from the crowds as much as anything else.

I might be wrong but I think John is referring to a lack of ettiquette on the water in areas that are over-run with tourists. I've experienced the same thing, maybe you have too. We'd be naive to think that Chatham Light will ever be anything but a tourist spot.

I think another part of this is issue that one style of fishing is different than the other. For instance if a guy is throwing bait, he needs about 30 yards of beach in a strong current. If a guy is flyfishing, he needs about that for the swing of the fly in the same current. The spin guy only needs 5 feet on either side and thus will poke in between anyone and do his thing. Put all of them in a tight space and presto! Call that anything you want but that ain't no clave.

This is a clave...

Good luck this weekend,

striblue 07-06-2001 03:11 PM

Mike.. you hooked up to my office e-mail... try the one attached to the profile on this board. I will be down till Sunday, then to work for one week then back down for two.

striblue 07-06-2001 03:39 PM

I was thinking about the following out thing.. it seems only natural but the area is so big that someone 25 yards to my left on the same sand bar where there are about 20 sand bars over a mile long. Anyway, what I forgot to mention is that two of the bait guys who originally followed me out stayed on the outer bar as I doubled back behind them and fished the hole directly behind them where I landed the 4 as they watched with there rods in sand spikes in the other direction.

SOLO 07-06-2001 05:02 PM

John...Do ya' suppose they had any FRESH DEAD SAND EELS?
(We'll have to do a YAK sortie out there to arrive WAY before we could if we did the wade...and stay WAY past what good wade judgement would allow and ride the drift back to the bar in front of the beach...) Maybe we could fool some of the bait slingers into staying too long and they would get swept away by the flood like rats on a sinking ship! And I could eat ALL their bait!...Do ya' suppose?!
I wanna go FISHING!
...there I go again...always thinking of ME ME ME!?

striblue 07-07-2001 08:40 PM

Pete, there you go again.. how will this effect me? ...what's in it for me?... what about me?.. hey Pete what about your buddies? Did you ever take into considertion their needs, their feelings, their wants... Oh Nooooooo, not you.. You walk up south monomoy with a limp and there we are having to watch you in Pain,Pete, yes Pete, pain... and not once did you think about US. It was all about you... When Keith asked about you and Juro and where you were.. I had to take the initiative for the rest of the group.. I said.. "leave em, what did they ever do for us". See Pete, that's how I think about others in the group. OK

Adrian 07-07-2001 09:36 PM

Pete, this bait eating thing is getting OUT OF CONTROL!!! Reminds me of one of our guides on Christmas Island who munched his way through about 60% of a 2 day old Tuna which was supposed to be OUR chum!

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