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fliboy 07-04-2001 06:59 PM

Still looking for that 1st keeper - looking for options
Already got permission to do "what ever I wanted to do" for this coming Friday morning. Looking for the best places to go from the South end of PI up to Portsmouth, considering the tides - where I might be able to pull this off. Also - any one wanna join me to witness this feat, and get some photos for proof?

Not catching a keeper yet is burning my butt! Gotta send a message to the fish gods - they can't do this to me!

Happy 4th to all of ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drive safe and enjoy the fireworks!


juro 07-04-2001 07:32 PM

Dave -

Unfortunately I am working on Fri. but I would suggest a few potential spots. These are well-known spots that won't be affected by mentioning on line so I am sure people will not flip out about talking about them...

a) Salisbury State Park on the shoals as the morning flood pushes bait back into the river. I've had some luck with big fish here in the past. One day I was standing in a spot where the water remains deep even through the low. Suddenly I was surrounded by 3-4" juvenile herring. They seems to like being near my legs. I would shuffle, and they would circle and come right back. Then I knew why I was more comforting to them than fleeing... big bass came on the attack and small herring were being batted out of the water like they had bene hit with tennis rackets so close to me I could see the fear in their eyes. I was stunned and clipped off my fly to tie on a juvie pattern. I worked around the area using the current to swim the fly and connected with bass over 30".

If they are targeted on sand eels, choose an area with no mussels or rocks and work the sand eel pattern close to the bottom to attract their attention as the fish push up the river mouth.

b) The rocks around Sandy Point. The tide rushes from left to right and the fish gather around the 'riplet'. Throw a good cast with an intermediate line and let it swing as you retrieve. The fish here are not always huge but it does hold keeper fish during the off hours. Work the other little shoals toward Sunset Beach with a sinking line and the back cove from the point during the incoming tide current in later morning. Probably a few no-see-ums and greenheads this time of year to contend with, worst when standing on the beach (vs. in the water).

c) Rocks north of Hampton - read the structure and stake out a spot that will bring fish on the flood tide. Be careful of the rocks, of course.

d) Piscataqua system typically gets bigger fish than PI or Hampton. I would give some of the locations appropriate for flyfishing a try, keeping in mind that you want to be in their travel lane when they come in with the tide. I don't know this enough to say where, but it would be worth trying out a few access points near points, shoals, and other structure.

I will come back to this one... Chatham is out, right? }>

grego 07-05-2001 10:11 AM

I've been Thinking about Sandy Point & NWR.
I think the gate opens at around 05:15; could someone confirm this?

With a 07:11 Low tide, you could fish the point for the last of the outgoing & the turn. And then move to the front beaches for the flood.

Dave, if you're going to go drop me an e-mail, because I may take off Friday & this seems like a good thing to try.

fliboy 07-06-2001 07:33 AM

Juro - thanks for the tips. Didn't get out this morning, as I was a little under the weather with the flu. I'm going to have to wait unitl next week - plan on getting out a few mornings before work. So I'll definitely try your advice out

Grego - sorry I didn't see this until this morning. I didn't get out, but would like to hear how you made out. I am game if you want to try something similar next during the morning.


Ishmeal 07-06-2001 08:34 AM

Dave...It might not hurt to have a few fairly large squid flys in your bag of tricks...especially if you are out after dark. I've also had luck with 8" flat wings and "won't leave home" without them.

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