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longrod 11-23-2002 06:29 PM

Boats to benefit Forum
Boat one:
15 ft with a 38" max beam. brown in color.
this boat rows quite well but is about a 120 pounds. Making it tough to car top. I have left it on the beach in beverly and ipswich with no fear of it being stolen. The depth at center is about 14"

Boat Two:
11.5 feet 56" wide brown in color(I couldn't find a cheaper color) This boat is great to flyfish in. I have stood casting for hours. Even in windy weather and moderate current. great for drifting.
Rows OK.
What they both have in common:
I built boat one about 5 years ago and boat two
2 years later. They are made of standard lumber yard stock fir and spruce. A good epoxy was used.
Painting was an afterthought to try and squeeze a couple years. They both need sanding and paint.
You can see them at Lynch park in Beverly, MA.
e-mail me through forum and if you need more information. The boy scouts will get them if no one want them.

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