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Steelheader69 10-23-2002 11:49 PM

Need help with Mazatlan fishing
A friend of mine is heading down that way. But he's mostly winging it, not hiring a guide. Supposedly heard of some good spots to fish for roosterfish (?) that he wants to try for.

I'm looking for anyone who has a link to flies used for fishing down there in North Mazatlan. I was going to tie him up some flies if I can get some pictures of some. Any help would be appreciated.


Adrian 10-24-2002 08:38 AM

Across the Sea of Cortez on the Baja side, the Sardina rules supreme as baitfish of choice along with Cabillitos, anchovies and mackeral. I would bet that they are also to be found in big numbers on the mainland Pacific side.

The sardinas can be anything from an inch up to 5 or 6 depending on time of year. When I was there in the late fall they were small and we fished two inch olive/white clousers for 20lb yellowfin :D

Cabillito is a deeper bodied "Big-Eye" baitfish 5 to 7 inches or bigger. Some type of bunker immitation would probably fit the bill.

Roosters can be notoriously finicky - the "Pacific answer to Permit" - lots of excited follows but few conections and lots of bad language :devil:

Grant Hartman of Baja Anglers favors a one inch edgewater popper (master blaster?) - top half black, bottom half white with a red face and the biggest stick-on eyes you can find. The tail is a mix of white and brown bucktail with a few strands of flash. He's taken many world records with this fly.

Bob Pink 11-17-2002 03:54 PM

I'm just back from a few days a bit further south from there. Was trying my luck each daybreak in the surf, always saw fish & bait but didn't start hooking up until I started a more agressive retrieve. Jacks and pompano were common most mornings (bunch of other fishies that I still can't identify). #1 white deceivers and 1/0 - 2/0 angel hair flies, light blue over white and a fast retrieve got there attention. Have a feeling that poppers would also have been productive.

BTW, ff'ing from a yak would have also been very effective as the day went on....

Adrian, aren't the roosters very structure oriented? Work around the rockpiles and points?

Adrian 11-17-2002 10:24 PM


Most of the roosters we teased up were running parallel to the beaches just outside the surfline. From Cabo San Lucas points West the beaches are pretty much unfishable owing to the lack of a continental shelf - some of the most spectacular 'dumpers' you will ever see.

Back east around the Sea of Cortez things settle down and reports of hot action on Roosters, Jacks etc. acording to seasons. Kayak fishing is supposed to be hot on the inside. Would be great to get back down there sometime.

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