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Willie Gunn 10-22-2002 04:44 PM

New Rules for the Spey 2003
The Spey is slowly dragging itself into new centuary. I know you all practice catch & release and have done for years but this is a new(ish) idea in Scotland. So for next year,

"New Spey Policy 2003"

The following are new OBLIGATORY MINIMUM MEASURES with a target of at least 50% of fish to be released. If not reached in 2003 the Board may apply to Edinburgh for mandatory measures.
Catch & Release
1/ Until 30th June each angler must return the 1st,3rd,5th etc fish caught.
2/ After 30th June all hen salmon & grilse must be released.
3/ Throughout the season all stale or gravid fish must be released.
4/ Escaped farmed salmon must be retained.

1/Where possible anglers should be encouraged to fish with a fly.
2/ Where spinning is allowed only one set of barbless hooks may be used on a lure.
3/ All hooks should be pinched or barbless.

Fishing effort
Where possible the number of hours & rods fished should be limited.

N.B. On 1st October 2002 the Scottish Executive introduced a statutory instrument banning the sale of rod caught salmon & sea trout in Scotland.

Well it's a start.

PS The Spey is on Flood Alert with rain still lashing down.

pmflyfisher 10-22-2002 05:15 PM


I applaud their wisdom in these new rules which will undoubtedly help to preserve this historic fishery.

We only have rules such as these on a limited number of blue ribbon trout, atlantic salmon, and steelhead waters in North America.

"Until 30th June each angler must return the 1st,3rd,5th etc fish caught." Does this mean every even number fish caught each day ?

What is a "gravid" fish ?

Good luck with the new rules, perhaps our fishery managers will eventually wake up and adopt stricter rules to conserve our fisheries. Please send some of that rain over here our rivers are very low for this time of the year impacting our salmon and steelhead runs adversely !!



P.S. Sorry for all the questions but it is the nature of my corporate job I am sorry to say.

Willie Gunn 10-23-2002 12:24 PM

Hi Hal,
Until 30th June each angler must return the 1st,3rd,5th etc fish caught." Does this mean every even number fish caught each day ?

Unfortuately not it is over a season I would have settled for a week but /day would give the fish a real chance.

What is a "gravid" fish ?
Full of eggs ready for spawing, they should always go back no question no discussion no doubt.

Thanks for your support .


pmflyfisher 10-23-2002 01:52 PM


Thanks I cannot wait for the wisdom and order of Euriopean fishery managers to arrive here in the states. I hope it happens in my remaining 20-30 years around here otherwise I will have to wait for fly fishing heaven I suppose.

Gravid fish are legal to take here except on our limited no kill wild salmon and steelhead river section. Probably less than 5% of the fishable waters nation wide are in this category. It may be only 1%-5% of our total rivers that have such regulations.



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