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fredaevans 09-22-2002 08:59 PM

DEEP BOW from the waist to "Willie Gun!"
Heck of a week end for hook ups.

But the killer of killers was one of "Willie Gun's - Dr Malcoms - Wllie Guns done on a short 25mm Waddington Shank. Hadn't really used these to chase summer run Steelhead this season so said to self: "Self, let's give this a go."

9wt sage traditional, 4' of heavy leader to a 5' Airflow extra fast sinking 'leader,' plus another 5 foot of 8# florocarbon leader to the 'Willie Gun.' Hook was a #4 short shank tube fly hook.

Hooked 7 or 8 large summer runs this morning and landed 5. The lost fish were one 'unpinned,' and two that just flat broke me off. As noted above, the flys were the two short versions (25 mm Waddingtons?) of the WG. Large, as in 5-9 pounds each. The break offs had to be far larger fish (Fall Kings?)

Each fish just plowed the fly, no nibble - nibble, just cream the thing. Crap, this is Sunday and I'll be stuck with a zero dark 30 for only an hour or so tomorrow morning before work.

"Dear Doctor: would you consider adopting a Canadian-American 'son' so he can get more??????????????"

Ya, I'll be at the tieing bench this week, but credit where credits due.

:whoa: :smokin:

Whiskey Dick 09-22-2002 09:21 PM

Fred you had a great weekend, Good for you:D . On this last weeks trip on the lower Deschutes i had the folks using Airflo 10' super fast sinking Polyleaders and they worked great during the day when the sun was on the water. They got us in to fish all day.
I have become a great believer in the PolyLeaders,tight lines,brian:devil:

fredaevans 09-23-2002 01:41 PM

Ah, what you have to do for money.
Unfortunately, two mortgage applications and a meeting this morning ..... I'd reallllly consider calling in "well."

pmflyfisher 09-23-2002 01:53 PM

Yep, Poly leaders are good to go, used one this weekend. Now I don't think I have to bother with a multi tip spey line, just get a floater and connect the poly leaders when needed, which is most of the time for me.

IMHO You should have taken today off if the fishing was that good and your being so close to the river.

Willie Gunn 09-23-2002 02:15 PM

Well Fred son
Surely you haven't got through the last lot of shanks I sent, let me know what you want and I'll do the needful, Christmas is less than 100 days away.

I do not like the poly leaders I prefer the mutitip lines but I'm sure its just a personal thing. I do not think you get deep enough with our polyleaders how long are colonial poly leaders.


fredaevans 09-23-2002 03:18 PM

Truth be told, I haven't had time to tie a single fly
in almost two months. Between home mortgage rates falling below 6% on 30 year term loans, building a new home, trying to sell ours (and finding a buyer who doesn't want to move in 'tomorrow'), long trip to France and Italy it's been a LONG Summer.

Still have all the Waddingtons, just need to get off my butt and tie some Willie Guns. The couple of shanks (Ryan was most gracious and also sent me a bunch) I've done are far easier than doing them up as tube flys. Impressions only here but the hookups done on the shanks have all been far more positive than that on tube flys.


speybum 09-23-2002 03:32 PM

Care to share the dressing

Willie Gunn 09-23-2002 04:27 PM

Allow me,
The traditional dressing from Rob Wilson is as follows
Body Back Silk
Rib Gold Wire
Wing yellow bucktail, overlaid with orange bucktail, overlaid with black bucktail.

The modern easier dressing is to tie the wing in bunches rather than over laying. I tend to do this when using small flies rather than waddintons or tubes.

It should look like the little picture <----

t_richerzhagen 09-24-2002 12:59 PM

Your little picture looks awfully bright on my screen for black overlay on top. I am told that we often make ours too bright, do you agree?

Willie Gunn 09-24-2002 01:32 PM

It's a pretty little picture but I have to agree. I think it is tied in bunches rather than traditionaly.


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