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Quentin 09-16-2002 04:20 PM

Cape Cod Vacation - Bad News/Good News
The Bad News: Fate has decreed that my annual September Cape Cod vacation will not occur this year, and that I will have only two days to fish on the Cape this September. :mad:

The Good News: Tomorrow and Wednesday are the days! :D

I'll probably cross the canal around sunrise and try some of the south side jetties for a while, and then head to Chatham and catch the shuttle to South Beach. Wednesday's plans will depend on what happens tomorrow, but at this point I'm thinking I'll be at SB on both days.

Anybody else planning to be around?

Any late-breaking news, reports or tips that may help me break my recent string of saltwater skunkings?


juro 09-16-2002 04:38 PM

You are going to kick butt. There are lots of huge and aggressive fish on the flats right now and the weather is going bluebird just in time for your vacation. Even the outside should be a blitz waiting to happen with all those bunker out there and no mung to speak of.

I wouldn't mind having these next two days myself!

Penguin 09-16-2002 06:17 PM

...breaking the codes...
I wasn't planning on fishing but...
It sounds as if things are finally starting to heat up...
Gimme' a call if you need a place to stay and don't mind being about 30 min East of d'Mecca...

Quentin 09-17-2002 01:43 AM

Juro - I hope you're right! I'm bringing the Advil and extra Band-Aids just in case :hehe:

Pete - thanks for the offer, but I'm all set for accomodations this time. Maybe I'll see you on the beach!

Gotta go now. Don't want to keep the fish waiting!


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