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RandyJones 06-11-2001 03:26 PM

Southeast Cape Cod Wade Inshore Saltwater Fly/Spin Fishing Report
If the below has happened to you lately or you would like to read my last chapter on flats fishing or your stuck in the office and bored stiff, you can read my entire report on my site. (url below) Lots of good tips, advice and some funny stuff too. Id post it all here but as you all know they are about a mile long.

Hi Randy, I'm kind of new to fly fishing for stripers, and am frustrated so far. Several days this spring I've fished South Cape beach and Waquoit. Seen hundreds of fish, but hooked up only a few times. On South Cape last Saturday the fish were stacked tight against the shore actively feeding, but they were REAL skittish. I must have spooked 10 fish for every 1 that I got a cast to. These fish were very picky, too. I threw everything at them, several sand eel patterns, crabs, surf candy, clouser's. Fast retrieves, slow retrieves, no retrieves. Nothing worked. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what. Thanks, Brian

Hi Brian, If its shallow you could of tried a clear Int. line. Or if they were on the surface a floating line. (line does not make a splash and spook fish like a weighted line does.) Maybe wrong fly for the bait they were eating. Maybe so much bait that they had a hard time finding your 1 fly in thousands of bait? Try something really big next time so it stands out? Maybe leader to short and they were seeing the fly line. Maybe leader was to heavy pound test and they were seeing the heavy mono? Maybe splashing line on surface and spooking them? Maybe you were not lowering your upper body as they approached and they saw you? Maybe there were a number of other anglers around and the fish were spooked? Maybe you were not leading the fish enough? Maybe they were eating small shrimp or micro eels and they were becoming very fussy? (whew) As you can see their are variables to consider and some others I have not mentioned. Don't be to hard on yourself, others guides including myself are finding some very fussy fish also. Once the tides pick up, they will eat your fly good! Try finding an area that has moving water, that
always works best. Good Luck, Randy

juro 06-12-2001 08:24 PM

Let's all extend a warm welcome to our latest sponsor, the one and only Mr.Randy Jones!
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Randy - we've enjoyed reading your reports over the last year and look forward to many many more. Somehow I am sure we will get them too ;-)

Great to have you!

RandyJones 06-13-2001 06:25 PM

Thanks Juro and all,

Its good to be a part of one of the finest site around!

Fishing report-
Today we did best with small Monomoy flat wings. A few days ago a small white and olive clouser. Before that, white and chartreuse clousers. Once we get into Monday and beyond the fishing should pick up nicely with the faster tides. Fish will not be as fussy.

Good Luck everyone,


tomd 06-14-2001 07:44 AM

what is a monamoy flatwing???
is there a pic and recipe anywhere? Tom D

JimW 06-14-2001 09:20 AM
Looks good.

Bill 06-14-2001 01:13 PM

Thanks for sponsoring the site, Randy.

For those of you who haven't met him - Randy's a great guy and world class guide. My first trip to Monomoy (almost one year ago today) was with Randy as a guide. Multiple keepers and, by the end of the day, my brain hurt I learned so much.

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