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Roop 09-12-2002 07:24 AM

Baby Blues Blues
Spent yesterday AM celebrating my freedom and the glory of our country by chasing baby bluefin.

Key word - chasing.

It was a case of you should have been here 2 days ago. When found, the schools would stay up long enough to get one maybe two casts off.

Too many attempts to count, all on the fly, one swirl & miss.

The gentleman I was with hooked up once on a spin rod popper and pulled the hook.

Use a fluoro tippet, don't be afraid to change flies.

Do they make a 14 weight floater?

Good luck.


2HandTheSalt 09-13-2002 12:52 PM

Roop, I just got a 15-weight floating head from Smitty. I think he had one more, and maybe a 14 also. The 15 is just slightly smaller in diameter than a clothesline.

They are hard to find.

I think you are having the same idea I am.......

juro 09-13-2002 02:23 PM

Guys, I heard lobster bouys make the best banger flies... ;)

Coring tool? I don't need no schtinkin' coring tool! :eyecrazy:

Roop 09-14-2002 08:27 AM

Thanks Jay, I just called & reserved the 14 floater & running line - 420 grain floater? This shold be interesting.

Juro how would you suggest going about connecting the running line (braided) and the flaoting head?


2HandTheSalt 09-14-2002 09:34 AM

Roop, I know some people like the braided mono running lines just fine, but IMO they tend to tangle frequently, and that is the last thing you want when a tuna takes.

Might I respectfully suggest cutting a piece of running line off of the back end of one of your old floating lines? Or if you really intend to cast long distances, maybe the SciAnglers 30lb floating running line, or the AirFlo PolyShoot?

Both of those tangle less than braided mono.

Hawkeye 09-15-2002 10:42 AM

Went out yesterday 9/14. Couldn't get ANYWHERE near enough to use the fly rod. These fish were up and with a couple exceptions down when you entered a 150' radius. Mightily frustrating. Spin gear was fruitful and I will bring some tuna to the Rhody clave. I know I am seriously outgunned with my 10wt but if the fish give me a chance I'm gonna be making the attempt.

Roop 09-15-2002 05:44 PM

So you did get one then right? If so, congrats Greg!

If anyone is gonna nail one on a 10 weight it will be you. I was discussing this today with someone who pointed out that it's usually a 40# fish & the issue is backing or being able to chase the fish & pullit up from the deep.

Let me know how you do.

I hoep to get out one week day this week.

PS Schoolies stipers love 6/0 tuna bunker flies:D

Hawkeye 09-16-2002 12:28 PM

Yeah I did get one on spin. He was about 50# and took one long run of about 150 - 200 yds. I have got 300 yds powerpro for backing on the 10wt and if I am lucky enough to hook up I think with a little chase action that will be sufficient. The big question will be raising it when it goes deep and starts the circle stuff. I just don't know if the 10 can handle it - perhaps I will use my phleuger which does not cast as well as my DS2 but has more backbone.

I'm also hoping for a morning run mid week and a secondary hope to that is that they wont be as skittish around the boat.

JimW 09-16-2002 05:55 PM

Gregg, way to go!
I'm chasing 'em tomorrow. The plan is get one any way we can and then try the flyrod.

Nick 09-17-2002 07:16 AM


You all are out chasing TUNAS and I'm stuck at work! Some day I've got to upgrade my Kayak and get me a real Tuna boat...

Good luck Jim, Roopsta, and Greg!
Congrats on the fish Greg!


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