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doogue 06-10-2001 09:17 AM

Birthday Wish 6/10

Today is my 26th birthday and hopefully Juro gave me the best present of all today when he got my Dad into a legal on the fly.

Men, let me know how things turn out when you get home. I am anxiously waiting your reports from up here in sunny NH.

Take care,


Hawkeye 06-10-2001 09:40 AM

Happy Birthday Doogue!!

I hope your Dad had his drag singing a happy birthday tune to go with the day!

MarkDoogue 06-10-2001 11:23 AM

Happy B-Day Little Bro'

I woke up this morning feeling like a complete cheapskate for giving you a used fly tying vice for your birthday so I bought something else. It should arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday at Kirsten's place.

I'm sure dad's rod is dancing like a divining rod right about now. Mission accomplished, just like #77.

Also, thought I'd let you know that in honor of your day of birth Sean took his first unaided steps today!!! "The Boy" is mobile. The world may never be the same. Now..........the double haul................

FredA 06-10-2001 06:29 PM

I can atest to mission acomplished with regards to your father. Did better than the rest of us "virgens". Makes a great sandwich too.

Fred A.

SOLO 06-10-2001 07:56 PM

Doogue...Happy B-Day...May you live long and prosper and have as much energy as your dynamo-dad!

striblue 06-10-2001 08:34 PM

Happy B-day Doogue.. I was 26 when you were born... geeze.

jborkowski 06-10-2001 09:00 PM

Likewise...Happy Birthday!!

Striblue, with age comes wisdom...and many big fishes. If it makes you feel any better, I was...well...I just wasn't when Doogue was born.

Hope you had a great 26th!!

MarkDoogue 06-10-2001 09:13 PM

Happy Birthday Mike and mission accomplished. Thanks to Juro's expert guidance, three of the four fish I hooked up with today were keepers. Only landed one keeper but the other two were large enough to leave no doubt. Actually, the two that got away provided just as much excitement as the one that didn't. Lots of firsts today. Keeper. Bigger fish. Into the backing. Nauset. Rip Ryder. New friends. Doesn't get much better. Thanks friends. J.D.

juro 06-11-2001 09:44 AM

Happy B-day Doogue, sorry but I had nothing to do with your Dad's present... he did it all on his own; quick on the task and hooked up at very well places times through the day - a timely hitter.

He got one early, a fat legal in the honey hole (which is now just another pretty place, the fish have moved on). Got another larger fish that earned it's freedom.

Then on to the Monomoy flats, his sharp eye helped set me up for a 33" fish that I saw, tracked, led, teased and landed. He was soon fast into one himself, but unfortunately yet another legal fish took him to the cleaners and got off. They sure do fight hard in that skinny water!

To top it off, we found a great bowl out on the ocean beaches and he landed another near-legal out there in the surf.

All in all, Jim spread out his hits through the day like Wade Boggs. If he had landed all three big bass he would have used up too much mojo in one day anyway ;-)

... and MAN were those sandwiches GOOD!!!

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