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Penguin 09-04-2002 04:03 PM

...the new Chatham Beach Patrol...
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...The Chatham D.E.P. folks are taking "beach regulations" seriously!
Alcohol, open fires, litter, jay walking, undersize/too many fish...
Violators beware!

fredaevans 09-04-2002 04:12 PM

Wow!!! And it even looks like they've got United Nation's Blue
helmets on! I've heard that the "east coast" was dog eat dog, but I had noooo real idea .......


jfbasser 09-04-2002 06:53 PM

Patrol or Assault?
Is there an assault on the flats planned for this weekend?

Everyday at work is a fishless day!

Penguin 09-04-2002 08:14 PM

...South Beach ?!...
'Still a maybe but...
If I can't hitch a ride with the new Beach Patrol, I may catch the 0800 RipRyder to walk/fish the outside...
Wanna' find out if the mung is there or not first...
Last year at this time it was pretty "hot" and alot of fun...

jfbasser 09-05-2002 06:10 AM

Ok ... we await the mung report!

Nick 09-05-2002 06:58 AM

Having a little fun with the pictures, eh? They call you up for any advice down in Chatham? Or do they not recruit from out of towners. Hope SB is good to you. Its gonna be better than staring at a CRT display.


jfbasser 09-05-2002 07:07 AM

Like my Avantar?

Too bad they don't make supplexwear with the penguin logo:chuckle:

striblue 09-05-2002 09:12 AM giving him ideas....I think Fez's would look better than helmets. He will want that avitar you know!

DFix 09-05-2002 12:06 PM

So, Penguin plays GOLF, TOO ???

Originally posted by striblue giving him ideas....I think Fez's would look better than helmets. He will want that avitar you know!
I can't picture Munsingwear Golf Apparel, a fez, and Penguin in the same photograph - unless he's wearing white shoes, NATO blue plus fours, an ascot tie and appropriate navy sport jacket to offset the extremely attractive handmade egyptian fez. After all, well dressed should be the order of the day when wearing Munsingwear. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Penguin 09-05-2002 06:54 PM

...I may not play golf but...
I'll be on the 0800/Saturday RipRyder...
A 1230 something high tide on the outside and SSW semi-brisk winds spell OceanSide...
'Pack a lunch and bring gear heavy enough to throw line out past the surf zone and there's no telling what will happen!?

DFix 09-06-2002 08:46 AM

Okay- while you enjoy your morning of peace and quietude, you can chuckle knowing you are doing what I'd like to be doing. So there, go ahead, be that way, see if I care...:razz:

jfbasser 09-06-2002 11:11 AM

See you there and I may bring a few Tennessee Tuxedo videos.....

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