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striblue 08-29-2002 10:17 AM

September is a great month.... especially mid September... Keith likes that time on North Monomoy.

Dble Haul 08-29-2002 10:24 AM

Yeah, September is a great time with many choices. I have the coasts of CT and RI fairly close by, but the inland coldwater fisheries really start picking up at that time too. And in the middle of it all is my birthday, guaranteeing at least one weekend where I can go wherever my heart desires to fish.

I'm ready! :D

pmflyfisher 08-29-2002 10:26 AM


I was just thinking that.

The salmon and steelhead runs really kind of officially start here labor day, although there have been a few salmon in the rivers for the last few weeks. Great weather here now, Indian summer like.

Plus HS and Big Ten football starts this weekend. Got three HS games on Saturday to go to, (youngest son a DB on freshman team, following older brothers football legacy)

Great golf weather also.

God I love this time of year wish we could have this year round.

Does any one care if baseball goes on strike, not me, and our family used to live baseball. Sad state affairs there but it appears they are not going to strike based upon what I heard on news this morning. Does not matter football and fall andramous runs are under way.

Everyone have a safe and pleasant FF holiday or what ever else you decide to do for your U.S. labor day holiday.

striblue 08-29-2002 01:22 PM

Thanks Hal...yes this time of year has a little for everyone.... I have HS football also with both boys a Sophomore and the other a senior... Mass Division 2 out of Winchester High... Both are Starting.... so...I look forward to that... Saturday schedule...High School foot ball in the in the afternoon and fishing down the cape on Sunday... do you think I have this right?????:)

pmflyfisher 08-29-2002 04:16 PM

Oh yes you have that right on my friend.

Our HS games are all on friday nights except for 2 games a year, such as this saturdays opener. Our varsity was state runner up last year in 6a what a team 48-3 in four years were those kids .

This year we are again ranked #1 in our state class of 6a. We have 8 classes of schools here.

Some teams make their season if they just beat us, sort of like the ND of Illinois public schools. Coach is in 31st year, 200+ players on to college football. Lots of fun. Check out their historical stats. They have last years team pictures up there. My older son graduated 2 years ago and this is my youngest sons first year. He has played 6 years of youth football already though. Football is big in the Chicago area at all levels, youth, HS, college and of course "Monsters of the Midway" - Bears.

Good luck to your sons teams this season, will be interesting to see how my sons freshman team does, they look loaded with talent.


striblue 08-29-2002 10:45 PM

Wow... thats quite a record!... and the pro's to boot... I would easily say that's a High school ND...good luck...I will have to show this to my boys.

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