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joev 08-24-2002 06:02 PM

Yakking the Cape Flats
Anyone yak fish the flats of the Cape at night ?
I am gonna be up in Sept .I wanted to fish the Brewster flats.
Iwould imagine the amount of fish has to increase at night.Its that way down here in Ct .Finding fish in a couple of feet of water at night.Throw in some channels and a out going and you got a great spot.
So has anyone done it ?
A buch of us have rented a house in Sept. in Wellfleet .We want to hit those flats hard.Heard lots of good things for the early am bite and think night time might be the right time.
So does anyone have any comments or ideas ?


Roop 08-27-2002 07:55 AM


I think a few of us would be more than happy to show you around but I do have reservations about Brewester - at night - from a yak.

1. Personally, a yak is a good way to either get to or from the flats and fish them by foot
2. The flood out there can get pretty nasty, especially if you're trying to get back into a yak.
3. That time of year access to the private beaches is not restricted so finding where you launched from is not a problem.
4. You should fish that place at day, from the middle of the drop to the middle of the flood & study the area.
5. Be careful


joev 08-27-2002 11:10 AM

I have fished lots of places with alot moving water (rivers with 6 ft of tide and a dam pouring water out).When you say nasty what do you mean ?Standing waves ?Rips ?

I do most of my fishing(95 % ) out of the yak.I have over 300 hrs this year already.Half of that in the dark.So by no means am I a newbie.I do play it very safe though and know my limits.I think Adrian and a few others who visit this site can confirm that.

I would most definatley check it out it the daytime first but would really like to be there after dark.I fish a Tarpon so getting back on in waist deep water is not hard at all.More info of conditions would be greatly appreciated.

I would really like to hook up with some of you guys and do some
yak fishing.

Thanks JoeV

Roop 08-27-2002 11:35 AM


I'm sure you know what you're doing, just offering some cautionary advice. It seems like we probably have some similar whitewater experience, one man's playpen on a river is another man's grave.

One of the things I've done this year is to fish an area that I had intended to - regardless of what the weather did at the last minute. This meant being out on Brewster in a yak one time with 3' rollers coming across the bars... as I go for my re-entry... A fun challenge in the daytime, but not something I would choose to do at night.

Let's plan to get together, we'll need to include the Penguin - my personal lifeguard - maybe he'll bring one of his fancy yaks and do a rolling demo for us;)


joev 08-28-2002 09:23 AM

Sounds good Roop .No whitewater experence but do paddle some mean currents.Sometimes I time the dam release right and get to ride 10-12 mph currents downstream.
Dont know if I would be paddling in 3 foot rollers :tsk_tsk:
I will be there Sept 7,8,and 9

What winds are the bad ones for that spot ?
Do you any links for conditions in that area ?
I will be there early Sat the 7 th.Probaley around 5 am.So I would like to try and find a easy spot to fish or hook up with some one to show me around.
Thanks JoeV

FredA 08-28-2002 11:13 AM

The outer shoal faces the northwest. So any wind from WSW to NE direction can cause some chop and get things rolling. Fishing can be tough and very slow with the wind out of the north, at least from my experience. I plan on spending some time out there over the next few weeks. I'll be lookin for the Tarpon.

joev 08-29-2002 09:16 AM

Thanks Fred.What are you paddling ?
I will keep a eye out for you also.


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