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fish-head 08-24-2002 05:10 PM

Steelhead books
I just bought 2 book's today at a yard sale . Actually I think I stole them for what I paid . My question is how would I go about finding the value of these book's . Steelhead by Claude M. Kreider , Steelhead to a fly Clark C. Van Fleet . Thank's Fish-head

Netwolf232 08-25-2002 02:10 AM

I would try looking on eBay first off. Just look at the higest bid or auction price and that is usually a fair market value. It usually works for me.

Poul 08-25-2002 09:53 AM

Try going to and do a search with both title and author. You should be able to find copies of both books for sale and see what they're going for. The Van Fleet is quite a valuable book, however, condition is everything. For example, a copy with a fine dust jacket might sell for three times as much as one without the dust jacket.


fish-head 08-25-2002 01:33 PM

Poul thank you for heading me in the right direction . Wow I can't believe what those books are worth . They look great next to my other's .Thank' Fish-head

flytyer 08-26-2002 12:14 AM


by all means read the van Fleet book. It will give you a very good perspective on how fly fishing for steelhead has both remained the same and evolved. It is one I consider a must read.

Poul 08-26-2002 09:24 AM

You were very lucky to find these at a yard sale!

In all the years I've been poking around such sales I've only made one good fish-book find (a 1st hardcover printing of Duncan's "River Why").

If they had other fishing books of a non-steelhead nature, you might want to go back and see if they're still available.

Any other fishing book collectors on the board besides me?


fish-head 08-26-2002 07:43 PM

I have read them both . I am very envious of these guy's being able fish my home water's then and now . I just wish I was older to fish up above the dam where Lost Creek Lake is at now .I guess the 1 thing that asmazes me is how far the Industry has grown from this era . Have you read the Angler Coast ? Tight Lines Fish-head:)

flytyer 08-26-2002 10:33 PM


No, I have not read Angler Coast. It is a book that I am not familiar with. I have a rather large fly fishing and fly tying library, but as you know there are many books out there that all of us have not heard of or had the opportunity to read.

The most awesome collection of fly fishing and fly tying books I have ever seen is the one at Penn State University. I went there for a BS degree in the early 70's and spent many a day in the fly fishing section of the library.

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