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juro 03-29-2000 07:05 AM

I am s-o-o-o ready I can taste it! Pacific northwest, here I come back to one of the homeports of my soul - glacial peaks, towering conifers and the dream of wild steelhead in every pool.

Thanks in advance to all you guys for "being there" and I'll see you in a couple days.... (the trip log to follow)


Jay C. 03-29-2000 07:20 AM


Now don't get so wound up you forget your camera. We need lots of steelhead pictures, with the fly still in the corner of the mouth, chrome bright and still sporting lice...
Good luck,

Jay C.

Doublespey 03-29-2000 11:08 AM

Don't worry Jay . . . Juro's "Steelhead Schnauzer" personality includes an active Photographic Mode!! <g> He even managed to get both myself (on the Skykomish) and Andre (on the Cowlitz) to videotape him fighting summer steelhead a couple years ago!!

juro 03-29-2000 03:16 PM

OK - call me a bit media crazed... here's a clip from the upcoming venue:

<center> <!--http--><a href="" target="_blank"> Stilly in Spring</a><!--url-->
<font size="1">Warning: Not for plain modems!</font><!--1--><center>

Doublespey 03-29-2000 03:24 PM

Nice shots from the Hazel rocks! Did you shoot that one last year?

Bonus points for recognizing who the guide is at the end of the clip!


Jay C. 03-29-2000 03:53 PM

Boy, that looks like fun water.....

juro 03-29-2000 04:36 PM

Brian - you know that I know who it is, being a fellow kickboat drifter for years (until moving away) so I'll leave the guesses open to others.

sinktip 03-29-2000 05:30 PM

Unless I am mistaken that hat belongs to Dennis Dickson. Great pan on Hazel.

Juro -- I can hardly imagine how you must be feeling. I have only been out of the water for two weeks and I have the shakes. See you Friday.

juro 03-29-2000 06:17 PM

Hide the women and children! Or at least the hens and smolts. Brian often jokes about the zeal with which I run down the skyway for the nearest river when I hit town. I make a lot of friends while tying flies on the plane. On the topic of flies, I'll have the dirty dozen Y2K flies in hand when we meet - it'll be my pleasure to present them in person!

I look forward to it,

trutta 03-30-2000 09:07 AM

&gt;Now don't get so wound up you forget your camera.

Oh boy, I don't know if should acknowledge this in public but this reminds me of the 300+ flies I had tied for my trip to Patagonia which remained cozily ensconced in their boxes in Montreal as I arrived in South America. Thank goodness my wife's quick thinking (and Federal Express) got the flies there just in time before my next flight into the Patagonian mountains. Just in the nick of time, too!

andre 03-30-2000 10:33 AM

Tip, I'll second the DD on the guide. Juro, we are looking forward to the knuckle busting, flesh flying, blood pulsing clips next week.


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