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ashley 08-04-2002 05:32 AM

Hi everyone ,been looking around for a while so thought I'd sign up.Found out about this place because striblue mentioned else where.
Any way I live in the UK and fish the neath and usk river in wales and sometimes fish some club chalkstreams near salisbury wilts and been known to visit Ireland.

Adrian 08-05-2002 08:06 AM

Welcome aboard Ashley!

I am originally from the UK & now live in CT USA. I have fond memories of a week of great trout fishing on the Usk a few years ago.

juro 08-05-2002 09:22 AM

Welcome! I am fascinated by the heritage of flyfishing in the "old country". I lived in Blackheath London as a very young kid but have no river time on the journal from those days. It's a dream of mine to fish the great salmon rivers with 'merican Spey tackle from the pacific northwest, complete the circle so to speak.

I look forward to hearing fish tales from the UK!

ashley 08-05-2002 10:44 AM

Thanks for the welcome guys.
Adrian,which bit did you fish?just wondering.

Adrian 08-05-2002 11:52 AM


It was north of Abergavenie (sp) but I don't remember the name of the village - I think it was near Crickhowell.

striblue 08-05-2002 06:35 PM

Welcome Ashley...glad you with us...

FlyFishAR 08-05-2002 07:31 PM

Welcome ashley!!!! Wales has some of the best fishing in the world as far as I'm concerned. The countryside is beautiful and the people are warm and friendly. As an American it is hard not to notice the rich heritage that the Welsh have. It is also hard not to notice the "corkers" we caught out of Brenig. Glad to have you here. I am sure I'll enjoy reading some of your posts.


steeliesonafly 08-06-2002 08:19 PM

Good to hear from you!
Good to hear from you, and welcome aboard. My heritage is Welsh-Irish-German. What a mix..... Keep posting, and let us know how it goes from the other side of the pond!:hehe:

Moonlight 08-07-2002 09:50 AM

Ashley, Greetings and welcome. I find the names of places are often quite interesting you mention salisbury and Usk, where I lived in Alaska we had an Usk Bay. and a Salisbury Sound, However most of the names in the general area were from the Russian heritage and of course Native Tlinget and Haida.
With Kilpatrick , Fitzpatrick, and Brenans in my line of fore folks I guess I'm mostly Irish. But my father was born within hearing range of the Bell in London that makes one a Cockney, so if they ever go back to discriminating against the Irish I can say I,m English!

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